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Desperately seeking HUD rental for a friend

Categories: Community Bulletin Board Category,Housing Category

My friend asked for my help in finding housing.  He has a HUD voucher but his eligibility is up on THIS FRIDAY, April 7th. He has been living in his vehicle since 2010, and finally received a housing voucher but now is having trouble finding anyone with a place available. If you have a rental or know anyone who does please have them contact me, Kim Musser, at 808-268-2930.  The process to get your place HUD approved is not that difficult, and you are guaranteed to be paid every month for a 1 year lease. My friend’s voucher pays $1350 I believe.

My friend does not do drugs, he’s not an alcoholic, he is single, in his 50’s, with no pets or children or any family here.  He has OCD, and is a bit of a germophobe so he keeps things very clean. If you can help or know someone who can please let me know.  I’m praying we can get him off the street and into housing while the opportunity exists.  God is good, He provides!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider if you might have a solution.

Kim Musser