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40 Days of Prayer is a journey we are taking together to learn how to pray with more confidence and greater faith than ever before!  Breakthroughs begin with prayer. Persistent prayer is how God moves to transform people’s lives.  Throughout this 40 day journey we will learn to pray for breakthroughs, develop a daily habit of prayer, understand how prayer changes us, experience God’s blessings and grow closer in unity.  The lessons we learn in 40 Days of Prayer will help each of us learn to pray persistently and trust God for everything.

Need to Sign up for a Group? Find One Here

Would You Like to be a Facilitator! Sign up Here

Facilitator trainings are Sunday, Sept. 15 at 12:30pm in the Living Room,

or Monday, Sept. 16, at 6pm in the Library.  Free meal provided!

How do I take part in “40 days of Prayer”? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

First, sign up for an `ohana group.

Second, buy the “40 Days” Prayer Journal. Buy online here.

(All 900 of the Church’s Journals have been handed out).

#1-Personal Daily Prayer

On Sunday, Sept. 29, start Day 1 in your Prayer Journal .

#2-Meet with your `Ohana Group

#3-Worship Together As a Church

Sept. 28-29
Sermon-Wired for Prayer
Oct. 5-6
Sermon-Understanding Who Hears Your Prayers
Oct. 12-13
Sermon-Praying in Five Dimensions
Oct. 19-20
Sermon-Getting Alone With God
Oct. 26-27
Sermon-How to Pray Throughout the Day
Nov. 2-3
Sermon-Prayer for Healing and Restoration
Nov. 9-10
Sermon Bonus-When God Says ‘No’