Tea, Cori, and Marek

Dear Friends,

Marek and Cori came to Hope Chapel in 2003 to attend the Celebrate Recovery program. In 2005, they surrendered their lives to Christ and were baptized. Through Hope Chapel, it was a seven year process of learning practical relationship skills and receiving spiritual discipleship that dramatically changed and transformed their marriage and family. In 2012, they left to serve in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

There are specific challenges in the Czech Republic regarding language and culture that Marek, being a national, has to his advantage, while Cori and Te’a persevere in their Czech language lessons.

Prague is a unique mission field—while it has a rich spiritual history in 14th century reformer Jan Hus, who a century later was a strong influence on the Protestant Movement and on Martin Luther himself, today, record statistics of over 90% atheists. Meanwhile, evidence shows a growing number of Czechs searching for answers, meaning and spirituality.

During their first mission, of almost 2 years, Marek and Cori supported the goals and efforts of the new church plant, TaCesta. They taught English together in a local public elementary school and during the summers, they ran multiple summer camps for children in the local community. In January 2017, Marek became the pastor of TaCesta. That same year, Marek, Cori and a team of volunteers, led the first annual Angel Camp—-a week long camp for children of incarcerated parents. One of the ways Marek and Cori share and reflect the love of Christ, whether on Maui or in Prague, is through marriage and family courses.

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family email: tylovi@me.com