This year we are celebrating 41 years of Hope Chapel and the faithfulness of God over His church.

We asked you to share what Hope has meant to you or how you have been impacted by the Hope 'Ohana and so many of you responded with incredible testimonies of community, connection and transformation.

These testimonies have been such a huge blessing and encouragement for us so we wanted to share them with all of you as well!


"For about 28 years, God has used Hope Chapel to give me a family that loves the Lord. Hope Chapel provided me with many resources to learn more about God and give me hope as a single mom. Awanas led my 11 year old son, Po’ohala to the Lord, which saved his eternal life and that gave me peace when he died suddenly at 27. Being part of Hope has opened my eyes to how God uses people to serve others. God and Hope have blessed me with being a part of many ministries. Mahalo."

"God has used this facility to bring hope to people with mental illnesses and drug and alcohol addictions to find hope, peace and a way in life when they had no way. I myself went to Celebrate Recovery and Financial Peace University.”

“I came from the mainland as a temporary worker, not knowing anyone. I was brought to Hope Chapel by a friend. I have never felt so welcome at a church. I look forward to Friday nights as the music and sermons always speak to me. I will be leaving soon back to Tennessee and will never forget Hope Chapel.”

“In many ways, in the 9+ years we have attended, our Tuesday night Ohana group has been an anchor for our family as well as the Celebrate Recovery community. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Hope Chapel.”

“God has used this facility to help people find acceptance, love, peace and happiness in a world that is materialistic and worldly. The 'Ohana has been a resource in my life and many others.”


“The Hope Chapel 'Ohana was there for me in my darkest hour and helped me find peace and forgiveness in my heart. After that hour, I lost my home, my car and had my son taken. Pastor Ben found me years later at work and reminded me I wasn’t alone and I was loved. Now that the Lord rebuilt me after surrendering my life, I am back and Hope is teaching me to be the ultimate believer. Thank you, God Bless.”


“21 years ago, the Lord brought me to Hope Chapel Maui. I knew no one! An ocean separated me from all family and friends. Here I found my extended family and the desire of my heart when I asked the Lord, “why is this church named Hope?” And He said, “Because here we Help Others Prepare Eternally!"


“Hope Chapel is where I have learned who God is, what He does and why we are here.
Over the years the Hope Chapel 'Ohana has opened the door for me to participate in getting the Friday night's bulletin ready by stopping by at the church after work and also joining the Greeting Ministry for a few years.”


“I moved to Maui when I was 19 and had nothing. I went to church on Sunday and got a job, a place to live, met my best friend and got rooted into a community all in a day. Hope Chapel was a safe place for me to ask questions, weather some tough spiritual storms, and grow into the Jesus loving lady that I am today. I haven’t been back to Hope Chapel for about 15 years, but often think about what a beautiful and special place it is. I have traveled a lot since and still think of Hope Chapel as my home church, even though it has been so long.”

“A place of hope and love.”

“To me, Hope Chapel is a gift from God and eternal family of God on earth.”

“Hope Chapel has helped me lay a solid foundation in my walk with God, it is my walk with God, it is my safe haven”, the place I feel most comfortable, and is my “hope” in life.”

“I have been blessed to be part of Hope Chapel. To learn about our loving, God. You see, unlike the other members. 
I have spent many years, suffering, alone, from a debilitating illness. And yes, I have family members, on Maui. They never came to church, with me. My son did help me babysit. I think one time. Before he left, for a trip, to Hilo. I am so blessed, to be loved, by our God.”




“I've been blessed to have gone to Hope Chapel since 1982 or 1983 in the old Kihei community center, and then the warehouse building off Ohukai, and of course the new facilities, with periods of living on the mainland, but always returning.

The main ingredient is that Jesus is #1. Keep the main thing the main thing. The love of Jesus permeates Hope Chapel.

God has used the Hope Chapel 'Ohana in so many ways! Besides the obvious worship service and get togethers... We used to have a morning Hope Chapel tennis fellowship many mornings by the beach at Maui Sunset, where we would put our arms around each other in a circle and pray before playing. People would come up after and ask us what we were doing. It was a great intro to inviting them to come to Hope.

Just the love and support we give each other was so real and spiritual. I came down with melanoma skin cancer in 2000, and people came out of the woodwork to call and support me.

The love of Jesus is what makes it work. So nice to see how Hope Chapel has blessed so many and in turn God has blessed Hope Chapel.”

–Kris & Janet

“Hope Chapel is family to me. My earliest memories and some of my best memories with my papa are connected to Hope. God brought the right people into my life at all the right times. People who to this have had so much impact in my life.

The Hope Chapel 'Ohana has always been there for me from my childhood to today. They put up with me as a kid, prayed for me for years and then were the first to step and support me and my family as we pursue God’s call to the mission field.”



 “A place where lots of believers gather to worship and praise the Lord Jesus Christ in unity”

“ I came to faith at Hope Chapel because the Hope Chapel ‘Ohana were living examples of kind, genuine humans. As a child and teen living on Maui in the church, the youth leaders and my mentors had a big impact on my relationship with God.”


“I discover my spiritual needs, wants and talents through worship and join the volunteers. God used Hope Chapel 'Ohana to recovery my spiritual hurts through the prayers.”


“Hope Chapel has been a place to challenge me to be the best person I can be; to be the way that Jesus designed me; to be a servant and help my community and to share his love.”



“I have been a part of Hope chapel for 34 years. The first Sunday we (Kit, Maisha and Mikey) arrived on Maui, we went to Hope Chapel and immediately, we knew this would be OUR church. We loved Hope chapel. We got involved right away. Kit and I taught Tweens Sunday school. We did School of the Bible with Jason (well, I never completed it, but Kit did). We did discipleship training with Craig. Eventually, Kit and Buddy led a Bible study at our house.

I did Bunko, Badgirls and Mom's in Touch all through Hope Chapel and those women have been my CLOSE friends ever since. My kids grew up in youth group and went on mission trips to Mexico and Maisha even went to the Philippines with me and Kit. My kids were baptized at Kam III , they went through Awanas and Sunday school with our church. Maisha did worship on Friday nights and Mikey did Doxology organized by Pat Obrien.

When Kit was hired to teach on Friday nights, he was the happiest guy in the world. He loved Hope Chapel. When Kit was diagnosed with leukemia, Hope Chapel was there for us. We were so loved and supported by the body of Christ, especially the Elders in the church. Craig faithfully visited Kit when he was sick. Kit loved his bros in the church so much.

Ben was like a son to Kit. He would be so proud of what Ben has accomplished, especially with this Covid nightmare and Craig and Toni retiring. I could write pages of how much I love Hope chapel. It will ALWAYS be my church and It has blessed me so much, but also the island of Maui, with all its outreach programs and mission fields all over the world. Happy Anniversary, church that I love!!!!”



“When Donna and I started to spend more than two weeks each year in Maui we decided we wanted to have a home church in Maui as well as in Oregon. We visited Hope Chapel and we were immediately blessed with the great worship and Godly preaching and have made Hope Chapel our church in Maui ever since. We always look forward to returning to Maui to be with our church family there and listen to many online services to help us stay connected.

Joining the Snowbird 'Ohana has been another real blessing. Actually, the covid lock down and subsequent weekly online zoom meetings brought our 'Ohana together in a very special way and helped us develop deeper relationships with everyone in our group. Whether on island or on the mainland, we are all very connected and support each other in prayer and with encouragement. We rarely miss a weekly 'Ohana Group meeting.

Ben, Kyle and others in leadership are a blessing to us and we appreciate all that you do to help make Hope Chapel a beacon to the Maui community.”


“Hope Chapel means home to us. I will never forget the Sunday our family walked onto the Hope Chapel Campus for the very first time. We were going through a devastating time of loss and death in our family.

It was a valley and we were looking for a place where we could worship and desperately asking God to breathe new life into our marriage and family. We were immediately greeted by Jim Franks who made us feel so welcomed and it meant so much to us. We felt seen. We felt known. It was just what we needed.

Now, two and a half years later, we are plugged in, serving on the worship team and so grateful for this church body. The connections we have made in our 'Ohana Group have been key to us leaning further into the heart of God through fellowship of other believers in a more intimate setting.

Our daughter has grown so much in the Tweens program as well. Thank you, Hope Chapel, for being the church family we needed then and now. The Stewart 'Ohana is blessed by Hope Chapel."

–David, Eden & Kamalei


“Hope has helped to explain God’s word in the Bible. I often learn the deeper or in some cases the correct message of scripture, even verses that I have known for years.”

“When we moved to Maui, we were so happy to find a community of like-minded believers at Hope Chapel. While there, we have a chance to learn, to serve, to fellowship, to be challenged, and to grow.

It was really hard for us to meet friends when we first moved to Maui. When we visited our 'Ohana Group we instantly found true friendships and a chance to grow with other committed believers. I am so thankful that Craig invited us to the 'Ohana Group.”

“Hope Chapel is my stable 'Ohana in the middle of the chaos! There is always someone to call to confirm we are not out here alone!”

Hope Chapel is my home church (no matter where I go). It means so much to my family and me. The leaders of this church have God's wisdom. God's blessings are with Hope Chapel, Congratulations to 41 years of being a pillar of the Lord's work! What a blessing to be able to go this church!!! All the classes that my family and I participate in.  I was part of Bible studies with Jason, the apologetic with Kit Lauer. My kids were part of Awana Club, it was a safe place to let my kids to grow. The Hula ministry, and all the ministries that this church had blessed us with, they have an amazing ministries with the unity of the Holy Spirit and the people that goes to this church. I love you, Hope Chapel Maui. Thank you for all you did and do.


“Hope Chapel has been a great blessing to our family. We love that we can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit moving powerfully through the worship and preaching each week. Also, the personal testimonies that are shared by our congregation are so encouraging to our faith.

The outreach programs allow everyone to get involved to not only support those in our church but also those in our community.

We are seasoned Christ followers and we have attended many churches, but Hope stands out in so many ways, I know that Jesus would look upon our church with a smile and with these words “well done my good and faithful servants!”

I pray that your passionate leadership continues to stay true to the Word of God as you continue to feed us with truth and light through these dark times!

We love you all and continually pray for you, your family and staff.”



“Hope Chapel is a place where I feel safe. It's like a second home to me. I've been going here for eleven years and it's such an amazing church. I love all the pastors, leaders, interns, and volunteers. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, and they accept you for who you are.

I love to come and worship/ learn about Jesus. I also love all the events and ministries. I loved volunteering with Vertical Sports Camp, it was the highlight of my year! Hope Chapel is truly wonderful and I'm so glad I attend here. Thank you to everyone who helped start this church!”

“The people of Hope Chapel loved us into believing in and following Christ. Celebrate Recovery gave us a community in which we began our healing journey which continues until today.

Precepts, School of the Bible, Life Journaling and 'Ohana Groups gave us tools and support to read the Word, study the Word, fall in love with the Word of God and live it out. Discipleship training led us to envision ways we could share our faith. Thanks to Hope Chapel we are still together as a married couple and a family, currently living in Prague, Czech Republic as Hope Chapel missionaries.”


“Hope Chapel means 'Ohana to me. 10 years ago, I moved to Maui not having met anyone from Maui in person. Hope chapel became family to me right away and makes Maui feel like home to me.

God has used the Hope Chapel 'Ohana to keep me growing in my Faith, give me a sense of belonging, and giving me a place to serve the Lord in the church and community. I can’t imagine my life without Hope Chapel!”


“Hope Chapel was for me a safe harbor after my wife and I were separated and I wanted to have a new start as a family. As an atheist, I felt invited and accepted at Hope Chapel and for starting my life over, people of Hope Chapel was like a family to me.

Now, Hope Chapel is the bone of our mission in Prague. After a while we joined an 'Ohana Group, that we grow really close to each other. With many of our friends from that time, almost 20 years ago, we are still in touch and actually going forward in life. 'Ohana Group was just a steppingstone for building lasting relationship. Even when we do not see each other every week, we carry everyone with us.”


“Hope Chapel means everything to me after God, His Word & His son & Holy Spirit! The 'ohana means everything to me too!! I tell people I witness to... Hope Chapel is my: #1 favorite place to go! And #2 my favorite thing to do! Also, I tell them: The best thing about Maui is not the beaches and activities. The best thing about Maui is Hope Chapel! The best thing about Hope I tell them... is the teaching pastors!”



“After a difficult season of losses, I joined Hope Chapel in the summer of 2012. Jason Spence was my introduction to the church and I'm eternally grateful for that open door. Hope Chapel allowed me to "reboot" my relationship with God and other believers.

My ministry of discipling women expanded greatly with my participation in bible studies, the IF Conferences and leading an 'Ohana Group of faithful women. I have also had the privilege of connecting people by helping them find their own 'Ohana Group or when they needed other resources like unemployment, counseling or housing.

Hope Chapel is my family, my home, and God gets all the praise for the blessings in my life. Coincidentally, I share the same spiritual birthday with the church, September 1980. Happy 41st Anniversary to us!”

“Hope Chapel is like Home on Google Maps on this island. It's a place I've met other sheep following the Lord. It's brick and mortar, it's positive energy when 2 or more meet and pray.

God has put 'Ohana in my life for his reasons. The last 2 years with the same group has made me stronger with my relationship with God. The Lord is all I need each day to get me through my battles.”


“Hope Chapel is a refreshing source of joy to our souls!  It has helped us stay connected with all things “Jesus” especially during the difficult times of Covid. Hope Chapel services are a source of encouragement weekly as we watch from afar on our summer travels. We are very encouraged and realize what a blessing it is to connect with believers and worship our Lord!  It provides the light at the end of the tunnel in our lives.”