Bethany Bramble was born and raised in Santa Maria, in the heart of the beautiful Central Coast of California. She attended a year of community college then decided to take a gap year and attend a discipleship program called the Joshua Wilderness Institute. Bethany has spent past  year living in the Sequoia National Forest at Hume Lake, California studying the word, living in close-knit community, serving, and traveling the world. This past year God formed a deep passion for ministry in her heart, renewed a fire inside her for missions, and a desire to live that out in whatever way He calls her to. Bethany is passionate about worship ministry, intentional relationships, and meeting people where they are at in creative ways. She loves art, being in nature, and everything about the ocean —especially if it means surfing. Bethany is so stoked that God has led her to Maui, and believes it to be such blessing to be one of the Worship/Special Events interns this year.