Caleb Hankinson was born a yankee, but grew up as a southern boy. When he was seven his whole family moved from Minnesota to Georgia. By whole family I mean Grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. They all settled in a little place called Walton county. Full of farmland and woods, Caleb soon learned the art of squirrel hunting from his friends, but often got in trouble when he’d cook the squirrel in the house. His parents were not fans of squirrel meat even though it’s said to taste like chicken.  Caleb is a boatload of fun- he has a collection of hilarious vines featuring him as different characters. When you get a chance ask to hear his Shrek impersonation. Caleb was born with two emotions- extremely happy or extremely sad. Since then he has developed more. Caleb exudes passion in most everything he does whether it’s cooking, playing guitar, riding a ripstick or playing soccer. He pours himself into whatever he’s doing. Sometimes his impulsive nature has gotten him into trouble, like when he used to do spontaneous parkour on garbage cans. But mostly it results in creative artwork, hilarious pranks, romantic gestures, or great memories.
I look forward to following his year long adventure as he interns with Hope Chapel. God is now in charge of Caleb’s GPS, and Caleb has agreed to follow His lead. I hope you all get a chance to experience the joy that Caleb brings to those around him.
Caleb’s Dad