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Help Support The Whales!

Aloha everyone! I have the opportunity to research and help the humpbacks while cleaning up beaches as well! Please consider donating and helping me out! Mahalo!! https://www.gofundme.com/marine-mammal-research-internship-maui&rcid=r01-155313379309-b7a9659738c54a4c&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w   Full Name Alexandra Miller E-mail lexmiller33@gmail.com Phone Number (612) 8499737

Need a Handyman

Need someone to disassemble a Rubbermaid shed and reassemble it on the property next door. Items inside as well moved in and out with a dump run when finished. Needs to be completed by April 1st please call with a quote, 808 268-5880 many mahalos!

need ride to service(s)

I live in Wailuku and am unable to die.  Recently moved back from the mainland and praying to get to Hope Chapel.  Have a small service dog. Patricia McGrath (808) 463-2599 patriciamcgrath@gmail.com

Room Rental Request

Hello, My name is Alexandra Miller and I am from Minnesota.  I have recently accepted an internship with the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maalaea. I am 21 years old and have just graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, and Associates in Chemistry and Environmental Science. I…

Room to Rent

Room to rent for single male recently widowed.  Non smoker.  Looking for  quiet, preferably up-country .  Budget is around $700.  David Graber 808-937-5315.

Housing & Ding Repair skills

Hello! My daughter & I are visiting from Bend until July! We are super stoked to be part of the Hope Chapel Family! We are looking for housing on the West side! I also do Ding Repair professionally in Bend during the off-season, so I am looking for yard space anywhere to start repairing boards…

0ne bedroom shared bathroom needed

Hello, my name is Mckenna and I am so excited to start my new adventure in Maui. I am looking for a furnished one bedroom/bathroom in the Kihei area. I will be moving on the 16th of February and am hoping to find a place ASAP. If you have something available please call me at…

Piano Lessons Offered!

Piano lessons available in Kahului/Wailuku area.  30+ years of piano experience with a Master’s Degree in Education.  Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Pop and Sacred music – all ages and levels welcome! Please contact Ashley for more information. (808) 298-4021 atulery@yahoo.com

Looking for a roommate or a rental

My name is Ella, I’m 20 years old, and currently living and attending church in Washington.  I am planning to move to Hawaii this summer and am looking for a room mate or someone who is renting their home/apartment. If you know of a good situation for a single female, please contact me through my…

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom Ohana needed

Hello! I am a second year teacher in Kihei and a new member to Hope! I am in need of a safe consistent place to live.  Preferably a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, but I am open to large studios as well.  I work two jobs so I am only around weekends for the most part…