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Jim B

God for his faithfulness

Jackie F

My procedure on Friday showed me esophagus has stayed at 15mm. This is major, thank you Jesus!


Thank you Lord for rescuing us and keeping us safe. Thank you for bringing us to such a loving and supportive community.

D. Graham

Hope, compassion, forgiveness, and concession to the hearts of these children of your world.



Please feel free to lift a portion or all of these requests up to God.  We thank you for participating in this intercession on behalf of these dear friends and family of Hope Chapel.

Jim B.

Safety. God’s help to become one with my students.

Jackie F

Nichol: Husband of one year took his life. Today was funeral, please pray for Nichol. Kelly: Surgery tomorrow Bill: Salvation! Reveal your presence Lord, to Bill Elam: Return to his father Lord: Have Gabby contact the father of this child Lord!


My dad will be healthy this whole two weeks as he is in chronic pain, 35 years of pain…


Please pray for continued protection for my children and myself with assurance of future safety. Please fill us with your holy spirit and let the truth be heard

Cindy C.

Continue prayer for my children’s salvation, healing for my D, J, M, and Cheryl, provision for camp

D. Graham

Son-in-laws, current and ex, and precious grandchildren is in a previous state of uncertainty and unrest due to step-parenting issues, regarding our grandson and custody. This hardship of worry and pain being endured can be ended by reconciliation and concessions for the good of the children. We ask for prayers for the Ohana or Maile…