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William A.

Jesus conquered ALL the enemies in my life


I loved the service, God is always good!

Jay D.

God for his love and faithfulness

Wayne D.

An impactful sermon! Confirmation of why I’m already doing.


Thank you Lord for continued protection and for our many blessings through this church and our brothers and sisters in Christ

M. Tuttle

Sixth anniversary surviving with my girls domestic violence. He still using meds to subdue them but the Lord is bigger than that.


That He makes me and mine aware of Him. That He continues to keep His hand on us

David S.

For the work God is doing through this church For God’s purposes For our granddaughter being able to come for the first time to Maui

William A.

God has given me victory over everything



Please feel free to lift a portion or all of these requests up to God.  We thank you for participating in this intercession on behalf of these dear friends and family of Hope Chapel.

Vangie C.

Pls pray for my mom who has stage 4 cancer that she will receive full recovery

William A.

please pray that God takes away the power from people to hurt, irritate, harass, harm, or bother me. And takes away the power from witches, cursers, voodoo, psychics, telepathies, and workers of inequities around me-  and may God CONSTANTLY do that.And pray that God venges them, gives me justice, and help with being kept free…


Praying for God’s healing and upon Curtis, my daughter, my Dad, Maria, and Brenda.


We continue giving all to God. Father of us all in Heaven – please bless: Stacy’s family who is mourning the passage from here to you for her Aunt Janet and Thursday Stacy’s grandmother Marcie D. We know you have beds made in Heaven for these souls, but they will be missed till reunited in…

Jay D.

God moving in my friend’s life and that he would see it and be touched by it. Lord, please take away the desire of anything that does not serve me or my son. Alcohol, drugs, sugar, bad friends/people


Father God, praise to you, give us strength during this trying time. Bless us with more happiness. Love to you Lord Jesus!

Cindy C.

Continue prayer for my children to walk closer to the Lord. Healing for Jo and Bobby, guidance for J.

Mike M.

For our children and refuge


Please pray for my son, age ten, that he would grow in faith and courage in Christ Jesus and also for my daughter, age eleven, and that the word would heal their brokenness. Amen.