DSCF2023 2There is a lot going on at Hope Chapel.  We want to give you options when looking for the events and classes that interest you.

“This Week at Hope”

gives you an electronic snapshop of the week ahead, like our bulletin in digital format; you can even view the bulletin as it is printed.

“This Year at Hope”

allows you to look ahead for classes and special events in the months ahead.

“By Month or Calendar”

let’s you quickly view a whole month, or lets you quickly look for what’s happening on a particular day in a calendar format.

“Search for Events”

lets you look up an event or class by name or by a particular category, when you don’t know when it is, or when you’re only interested in a particular class schedule or event.

“This Week’s Cafe’ Menu”

gives you a preview of our Cafe’s offerings for the weekend.  It is updated by end of day Thursday, just in time for the weekend.