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Welcome to Hope Chapel!

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All intern positions for the 2018-2019 year are now filled.  Applications for the 2019-2020 year will be available in January of 2019.

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If you have a question about the intern program, please use the “I have a question” form at the very bottom of this page.

2018-2019 Intern Application

Meet our Interns

Hope Chapel is a Christian inter-denominational church with a mission to “Share the Love of Jesus with the people of Maui that all may Know and Glorify God”. Our core values as a church come from our emphasis on Biblical teaching; they are Worship, Community, Kids and Families, Life Change. Our 24-member staff serves a membership base of 1,300 people. Our Goal is to equip serious servant-oriented leaders for full-time vocational ministry, and to give each one a deeper sense of God’s calling in their life. Our Purpose is to provide hands-on experience from gifted and experienced leaders in various ministry-related areas within the local church context.

Our Internship Program

Our vision is to train individuals in dynamic hands-on ministry skills and nurture and develop their unique spiritual gifts and passions. Each year we select single college-age interns (19-26) who will be assigned to a ministry overseer whose gifts and talents compliment theirs. This year we will be selecting 12 interns.  Available ministry areas include for August 2018-August 2019:

        • Children’s Ministry (2 Female & 2 Male positions)



        • Communications/Outreach/Hospitality/Admin  (1 Male or Female position)



        • Youth Ministry (1 Male and 1 Female position)



        • Small Groups/Missions (1 Female position)



        • Worship/Special Events (1 Female & 1 Male position)



        • Media/Tech (1 Male or Female position)



        • Young Adult Ministry (1 Male position) 


See tabs above for detailed information on each position. Our desire is to develop our interns’ unique spiritual gifts and fuel their spiritual passions. Our internship program covers comprehensive exposure to all areas of ministry.

Key Elements

Some of our Interns enjoying hanging out time.


This is an energetic and challenging 50 hour-a-week program designed to sharpen and train our interns so that they are fully equipped to serve God in every area of ministry from the mission field to the marketplace. Each week, our interns spend 40 hours dedicated to their area of specialty. The rest of their time will include serving the church, and facility upkeep. Other opportunities for involvement can include:

        • Discipleship Training w/Senior Pastor



        • Weekly Mentoring Program by intentional mentor



        • Leadership or attendance in our Young Adult Bible study fellowship we call ‘Rise’



        • Hawaii Leadership Summits on Maui



        • Hawaiian Island Ministry Conference on neighboring Island of Oahu



Specifics and Finances:

Interns sharing a Breakfast together.

Each intern will be receiving a $400 monthly stipend, for their own personal living expenses, such as food, recreational activities and miscellaneous spending money. On-campus housing and utilities is provided. Each intern will be responsible for airfare to and from Maui, as well as health insurance coverage for the duration of their internship and personal taxes on any support contributions received. If you need help with additional expenses, you may want to build a financial support network.  A sample packet is available with ideas and suggestions for creating your support partnering network team. All of your support contributions will be tax-deductible to the contributor, as long as the donations are being made to a non-profit corporation ( i.e. your home church, or Hope Chapel).

Hope Chapels provides:
        • A $400 monthly stipend



        • 082315_0001Fully furnished 3 bedroom apartments to live in, which we call Jake’s House (6 men in one and 6 women in the other)



        • Transportation for ministry use



Each intern must provide:
        • Health insurance for a year



        • A roundtrip ticket



        • Clearance from immigration, if not a US citizen



Intern Selection Calendar

Jan-August Applications are accepted until filled

April-May  Top candidates are notified and interview process begins

May-August Final selections made, positions accepted

August Candidates not selected are notified

      • What are the are the steps to take to show serious interest in the intern program? 

        Our Jr. Hai intern, Reed, getting ready for some shave ice

        Read thoroughly our Hope Chapel website intern link including the application. The beginning process to be a serious candidate is to fill out an application completely and professionally, including letters of reference.



    • When do you begin receiving applications for the upcoming intern year? Each year in December we re- evaluate and decide what are our priorities and budget for the new year along with what positions to offer. So, starting in early January we have applications available which reflect the upcoming August to August intern program.



    • When is the deadline for receiving applications? We will be receiving applications all year up until all interns have been selected. We update regularly our website and applications as the positions get filled.

On top of Volcano Haleakala


    • When are applicants informed whether they are offered the position or not? For most positions around April/May we usually have sufficient applicants to determine the top one or two picks for each position which best match both parties objectives. Applicants that don’t make the program are notified as soon as all positions have been filled, often not until August.  Unfortunately we always have more qualified applicants than positions!



    • Can you apply the following year? Yes



    • Do you have married couples participating in your intern program? Although we have on rare occasions accepted married couples into the program, the internship is intended to encourage and launch young adults into ministry.  As such our church is not able to accommodate those already married and/or with kids. The internship is intended for young adults ages 19-26 and because of  budget and housing requirements, we are not able to provide, expand or adjust our housing situation to include married couples, nor couples with children.



    • What about those who are not USA citizens? We welcome their interest….but you need to speak English. We have had Bulgarians, Nicaraguans, Canadians, Brazilians and young adults from England as former interns. Getting a one year Visa however is very difficult, depending on what country you are from.



    • Do you have a summer intern program? No. Our intern program is 12 months. It runs from late August to late August.

More climbing fun after a surf day.


  • Do the Interns have Fun?  Absolutely! Monthly outings as an intern family along with mentors and program directors are always a blast. We do an annual Intern Retreat from ministry responsibilities, to restore the body, soul, and spirit in beautiful East Maui. Weekly many choose to go to Big Beach in Makena for volleyball and fellowship. During Spring Break many of us choose to head to Oahu for a Christian Ministry conference which is both challenging spiritually and fun, as we explore Oahu.
Nursery – 6th Grade

Intern Job Description

Toni Spence – Director of Children’s Ministries

Positions Available:

Children’s Ministry Intern (working with 6 months-6th grades)

2 male, 2 female interns

Goals, Objectives & Job Descriptions

Children hold a high priority at Hope Chapel. Our children’s ministry accounts for 25-30% of our weekend service attendance. That’s about 300 children coming through our doors each weekend.

Our goal is to present the gospel in a clear, fun, energetic, age-appropriate way so that kids can clearly understand how to have a personal relationship with Jesus, how to grow in their relationship with Him and desire to share their faith with others. We are intentional in not burning out our children’s ministry volunteers and having fun while accomplishing all of the above.

Interns will go through comprehensive hands-on experience in our children’s ministry. At the end of the internship year, you will gain the knowledge and know-how of what it takes to run and keep an active children’s ministry progressing. We will teach you techniques of children’s ministry. What we can’t teach you, what each intern in our ministry needs to come with, is a genuine love for kids. Nothing is more important to children than the love felt from those around them. Many of the lessons we teach will soon be forgotten, but the love that comes from a relationship built over the course of a year will be remembered forever.

If your desire is to go into full-time ministry, and kids are your emphasis, this could be the perfect fit for you. God bless you as you pray and give consideration to being part of our exciting and dynamic ministry program.

Member Care Pastor Rick, with Communication intern Val and Office Ministry Coordinator Kuuleilani

Positions Available:

Communications/Outreach/Hospitality/Admin Intern 

 1 male or female intern

Goals, Objectives & Job Descriptions

Our communication/outreach intern will be working closely with our Member Care Pastor, who oversees the following functions of the church: Communication, Outreach and Marketing, website, social media, and database management, Office and Office volunteer staff, and Event Hospitality.

Our communication/outreach intern will assist in creating and implementing marketing strategies and advertising to bring new people to Hope Chapel, and to promote upcoming events at Hope Chapel.  This intern will use social media, video, and emerging technologies to further the goals of Hope Chapel and the kingdom of God. They will have times to spread the news of our events to nearby businesses and hotels.
Our intern will learn team-building skills as they work with others to oversee the general operation and various needs of Member Care.  They will also work with our congregation through our information table,  through which our intern can help uplift the body of Christ. Hospitality is a big part of this interns activity, both in the kitchen and cafe.  Barista experience is a plus!
The ideal candidate might have a degree, background or passion in Communication, Marketing, Business, Outreach, Evangelism, Hospitality or Technology. Video shooting and editing skills are a requirement for this internship, and writing, graphic creation skills, and kitchen or cafe experience would be a plus, as would a creative mind and a heart for the lost.


Positions Available:

Youth Intern (working with 7th-12th grades)

1 male and 1 female intern

Goals, Objectives & Job Descriptions

Our goal for our students is that they are impacted by the teachings of the Bible in such a way that they have a firm foundation when they run into real life tests of their faith.  Instead of being molded and shaped by society, we take them and shape them and mold them with the love of Christ. We desire to create a safe place for students to be themselves, without fear of judgment from others. Additionally, we aim to make disciples who make disciples.

Because of this, we are looking for interns who want to come along side the Junior High and High School leaders as we develop relationships with students and model to them what a mature Christian is.  We are looking for interns who are secure in their faith, and who have a desire to disciple the students they come into contact with. We are looking for openness and honesty, not perfection.  As leaders, we don’t want to appear without fault, but rather that we are vulnerable, humble servants of God. We are looking for people who are gifted specifically in administration, teaching, discipleship, and creativity.

Our two youth interns will be working with both our Jr. High and High School Ministry. Some of the roles a Youth Intern could take on include:


– Layout of the Mid Week Service plan via Planning Center

  • Leader Communication (Worship Leaders, Recreation Leaders, and Small Group Leaders) via Planning Center

– Parent Communication via Newsletters, and the Remind App

  • Weekly Attendance Record updates


– Graphics work (i.e teaching slides, program design,

– Event Flyers 

– Monthly and Yearly Calendars

  • Social Media Management


  • Day of / Night of Set Up and tear down
  • 7 hours of weekly Facilities work alongside our Facility manager.

Youth Intern Ani

We hope that our interns will experience what full-time ministry is like, so that by the end of the program they will have a better understanding of the skills, and sacrifices required to work with youth. You will help put together the nuts and bolts of these ministries with our youth pastors and directors, including putting together youth worship services, events, small groups, camps, fund-raisers and mission trips. These real life experiences, with coaching and training as you go, can be a pivotal point to launch your future ministry. 

Hope Chapel is a church on mission with a high view of scripture that drives our values, and yet we are seasoned with a grace and love for one another as we grow. That is what sets our church and ultimately our internship program apart from others. If you have a passion for teens and want to see God develop you as a servant leader, consider an internship with us.




Small Groups Pastor Kyle and Small Groups Intern Abbi

Positions Available:

Small Groups/Missions Intern 

1 female intern

Goals, Objectives & Job Descriptions

Although Hope Chapel provides people with meetings, programs and activities, these don’t necessarily provide a sense of belonging, friendship, care or accountability. The small group ministry exists to establish weekly gatherings called “Ohana’s” (families) to build meaningful relationships with others while growing in our life with Christ. Our goal is to grow our church smaller while growing larger by connecting the Hope Chapel family into small groups to experience . . .

  • A place to belong and develop personal relationships with others.
  • A place for support and care such as in a time of crisis.
  • A place to hear and interact with God’s Word so that we don’t spiritually stray but become fully devoted followers of Christ.
“Small Group/Missions Intern” Job Description

The Small Group/Missions Intern position assists in all the major projects and ongoing ministry tasks to fulfill the mission/purposes of the small group and missions ministries. This would include such responsibilities as:

  • Overseeing and facilitating “Small Group” & “New Believer” informational tables after weekend services.
  • Making weekly follow up phone calls to visitors and newcomers to connect them into the Hope Chapel family.
  • Assist in the leadership of our beach baptisms and specifically to follow up on the candidates and help them in their growth in Christ.
  • Creating and updating small group promotional brochures and other publications
  • Meet one on one with new believers and growing Christians to help them grow in their faith.
  • Vison cast/inspire our small group leadership by conducting interviews with various small groups and reporting by email devotions what is going on in Hope Chapel small group life.
  • Attend, rally and support the Rise young adult ministry.
  • Be an integral part of the spiritual developement of our young adult community
  • Have the opportunity to lead or co-lead a midweek growth group where their leadership and teaching gifts will be utilized
  • Assist in preparation of Hope Chapel Educational Classes (School of the Bible, School of Marriage, FPU, etc) by making copies of CDs, printing notes, putting binders together, and setting up coffee & any other materials for these classes
  • Be a part of our mission board which includes monthly meetings, casting vision on how we can spread the word about our missionaries and mission opportunities, and attending/assisting in all mission nights.

We are looking for an intern with a pastoral heart, who desires to see new Christians grow and unconnected Christians to become networked into the Body of Christ. She must be relational with a people-oriented gift mix. This intern must have an “inviter and includer” mentality – that is, one who takes the initiative by reaching out to people in all the different events and settings in our church.

Our worship ministry is part of a larger department we call the Frontlines Ministry and includes the following areas of service: Worship, Multimedia, Special Events, Greeting and Hospitality.


(left to right) Worship Pastor Craig, intern Erin, Creative Arts Director Tori, and intern Joshua.

Positions Available:

Worship Interns 

1 male and 1 female intern

Goals, Objectives & Job Descriptions

Our worship interns assist in service coordination and researching new materials for music, dance and drama. Interns will also participate as a part of the existing worship teams in order to help them grow musically and spiritually. In addition, interns have the opportunity to build strong relationships with other team members as they cooperatively serve the Lord.


Our interns learn the use of PowerPoint and ProPresenter in church presentation, basic soundboard operation, use of lighting equipment, video camera operation and broadcast during the services.


Our interns assist in coordinating and planning special fellowship/outreach events of Hope Chapel such as Baptism Picnics, the Chili Cook-Off, 50/60’s Parties, etc. and holiday services (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)


Our interns learn teambuilding skills as they work with our greeters to oversee the general operation and various needs of our hospitality network. Our hospitality ministry provides an avenue to meet and welcome our congregation through which our interns can help uplift the body of Christ.


Jeremy with Media Tech Intern Cole

Positions Available:

Media Tech Intern 

1 male or female intern

Goals, Objectives & Job Descriptions

In our Media/Tech intern, we are looking for an intern who has specific skills, who can use them as needed, in the areas of graphic design, creating, shooting and editing videos, some lighting and sound engineering (some familiarity of digital light and sound board). Our desire is to to see you refine and hone your skills while you are here at Hope Chapel, and learn how technology fits in to service of the Kingdom of God.

Media/Tech Position Summary
Organize and prepare visual media for weekly services and special events using Pro Presenter and Mac operating system. Work with other technicians to prepare and maintain A/V system for weekly services and special events. Knowledge of audio/video files and formats, must have technical aptitude. Must be able to work alongside other technicians for Friday and Sunday services. We may ask to see a portfolio of your previous work.

Positions Available:

Young Adult Intern (working with ages 18-30)

1 male intern

Goals, Objectives & Job Descriptions

Our young adult ministry encompasses two areas: assisting in our worship services as needed, and our young adult ministry called ‘RISE’.  Our vision is to see young adults on Maui come to know the Lord, be a part of community, and grow in spiritual giftings to serve the Lord in the church and in our world.  The purpose of our weekend services was borne out of a desire to worship, fellowship, and study God’s Word in a way that would attract the seeker and ignite a passion within the heart of the believer.  These services focus on gospel-centered worship, teaching, and community.  Our RISE ministry, for the ages of 18-30, exists to create a smaller connection of young adults within the larger community of the church.  RISE contains weekly small groups, monthly young adult services on Wednesday night, monthly events, and bi-yearly retreats.We are looking for an intern with a pastoral heart who can come alongside the existing ministry of our church and RISE to reach out to new young adults, disciple the young adult population, and help place young adults in ministry.  We are seeking new and effective ways to build relationships between this demographic and the church.

Executive Pastor Ben and Young Adult intern Lou.


The intern job description allows for the intern to utilize their gifts, whether through music, teaching, or discipleship, in all areas of ministry.  The job description includes the following opportunities and responsibilities:


  • Collaborate and brainstorm with the young adult department on the weekend services and RISE ministry events in weekly planning meetings
  • Develop and deliver teaching series
  • Cross-train in aspects of producing and running the weekend services, including
    • Working with ministry volunteers through connecting and equipping
    • Multi-media work within the service
    • Organise and oversee service programming
  • Attend, support and lead various young adult small groups
  • Create and promote young adult events using social media and graphic design in brochures and other promotional material
  • Connect and disciple young adults one-on-one
  • Plan and develop ministry events, retreat and activities
  • Maintain office working administrative responsibilities
  • Serve and support the RISE leadership team

Our prayer is to see our young adult intern grow in areas of service, leadership, and discipleship, as well as build on the desire to reach out and serve young adults for the glory of God.


Some of our interns on a mission trip to Nepal with other members of Hope Chapel