Hot off the press is our devotional for the next five weeks covering Act 8 -12 in a newspaper format.

You can read through the newspaper at your own pace. Enjoy all the articles, puzzles, advice columns, artwork, and more. Each page emphasizes one of the Bible stories we are teaching. Read in order from the front page to the end, one page a week, and you will end the same time we finish the lessons. Take time to enjoy our “Art Show” and try to guess which pictures are of what Bible story in the newspaper.

We have also added five S.O.A.P. pages for your child to journal on. Or journal together as a family on the pages. They are made to be added to the folder we passed out with our last devotional game “Passages” or you can put them in your own folder or binder. (Our next devotional material will also come with S.O.A.P. pages to be added as well.)

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We are really having fun creating these various family devotionals. Let us know if you’ve been enjoying them.

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