Lilly Van Sickle lived in Oviedo, Fl, a college suburb outside Orlando, for most her life, and moved to Maui in 2019. She has been a youth intern for almost 7 years, alongside an amazing team of God centered friends. At different times Lilly would lead worship, lead small groups, work with wonderful Middle School students, and with incredible High School students, while getting to watch God do what He does best – grow and change lives for the sake of His Kingdom. Lilly also worked as a college worship leader at a Ministry called ‘Wesley’ for one year, and as a worship intern at University Carillon UMC for two years. All in all, she has a longing heart for God and His people, and seeks to seek them out. She deeply loves service, mission and worship, as well as creativity, repentance and a willingness to learn new things. She is a songwriter and a storyteller who hopes to walk with eyes upward, heart outward and feet onward.