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LifeGuards808 is a therapy group for Christian Men who want to break free from the cycles of sexual sin and who want to live a life of integrity. LifeGuards808 is led by Christian Therapist Ross Gunn III. Ross has been counseling men, couples and groups since 1998. Prior to that he was a Pastor for almost 25 years. LifeGuards808 is not a 12 Step program. It is a specialized therapy group that meets weekly for two hours with men who struggle with similar sexual behaviors. The time together includes teaching, discussion, accountability, practical homework and prayer.

Men interested in joining LifeGuards808 must agree to…

1) Meet with Ross for a free confidential interview.

2) Read and fill out a fairly extensive confidential questionnaire. (Click here)

3) The cost of LifeGuards808 is $140 per month for 8 hours of group therapy.

The fee includes ongoing individual phone and email support.

4) Occasionally purchase required teaching/reading material.

5) Meet once a week for two hours with the therapist and other men struggling with similar issues and do the assigned homework.

LifeGuards808 is a branch of Skyview Counseling, LLC. Skyview Counseling also provides counseling services for men, women, couples, students, families and groups dealing with a variety of issues and struggles. Ross is a Christian Counselor with over 16 years of experience, he has been counseling professionally since 1998. Currently he is working to get licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in the state of Hawaii. Although he can legally accept payment for his services, he is not able to accept insurance payments because he is not yet licensed. You should also know that although Hope Chapel allows LifeGuards808 to meet on their grounds, Hope Chapel is in no way legally responsible for the therapy, teaching or content of LifeGuards808, nor do they receive any payment for the gracious use of their facilities.

Ross Gunn Photo

Ross Gunn

For more information, contact…

Ross Gunn III at 360-991-7700

Email: Help@LifeGuards808.com

Website: www.LifeGuards808.com

Website: www.SkyviewCounseling.com