Ross Gunn III The Band of Brothers (Maui) is a Men’s Bible Study that meets in the Hope Chapel Living Room at 7am on Saturday mornings. During the year of 2020 we are doing a study and discussion of the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ. The study is open to all men and can be started on any Saturday without feeling or getting lost in the process.
Ross Gunn III was a Pastor Teacher for 25 years, he majored in Bible in college and graduated from both Talbot and Western Seminaries. The men in the Band of Brothers tend to deeply love GOD, His Word, rich prayer and great fellowship. That is not to say that we are in anyway “perfect” but rather as Brothers we are all in a battle to grow and live out our faith.
On the last Saturday of every month we meet for breakfast at one of the men’s homes. The meal and the study are always free, so please come, bring your Bible and invite your friends to be part of the Band of Brothers!

Band of Brothers Contacts…

  •     Ross Gunn III    (360) 991-7700
  •     Gordon Wyant  (720) 579-6299
  •     Todd Fuller        (808) 359-3510
  •     Paul Mark          (808) 280-5940