Mike received Christ at Hope Chapel Church in 1981, graduated from University of Hope, and in 1984 went on a two-week mission trip to bring relief to Miskito Indians in remote areas of Honduras. That led to the start of a primary school project that is now in its 16th year. Laura was a social worker and hair cutter who met Michael at Hope Chapel Church in 1987. He and Laura are the directors of “Seek the Lamb,” an organization that reaches out to Miskito families along the Rio Coco in Nicaragua. They have developed an extensive educational system for this remote area.

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Other activities of Seek the Lamb are:

  • Discipleship seminars held around the world that help to train future missionaries, leaders and students.
  • A relief project in Israel for Christian families caught in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Laura and Michael are authors of Just Another Lump of Clay and Living in the Spiritual World, as well as other discipleship resources.

Michael and Laura are committed to discipleship in Central America and the Middle East, as well as here at Hope.


Michael & Laura Bagby

Seek The Lamb
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Phone: (772)770-9772

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