Moms In Prayer International is two or more moms, grandmothers or acquaintances who believe that prayer makes a difference.  Moms In Prayer meets for one hour a week to pray for your children and their schools, their teachers, and administrators. Moms In Prayer International is an interdenominational, Christ-centered ministry. We use the Bible, personalizing the promises contained within it’s pages for your children as we pray.  Please join us for this powerful way to support your children. We meet at Hope Chapel Wednesdays at 4pm (Child care available), or at 6pm (during AWANA).  Pick either one.  No need to sign up-just show up!    For more info, contact Carrie Nichols at 264-8324.  There are also additional groups around the island:


Open Groups

Groups by Schools or Churches

Monday: 7:40am-8:40am
Seabury Hall, Chapel, Cooper House
Group for mothers of Seabury Hall Students
Lori Tezak 281-8331, lori@wildip.com

Doris Todd Memorial Christian School, Paia

Monday: 8am-9am
Group for mothers of Doris Todd School Students
Mabel Todd, 579-9237, Hoku Oserhus, 280-8706, bethany_helmer@yahoo.com

Waipuna Chapel

Tuesdays, 4p-5p

Groups for mothers of children who attend Waipuna Chapel

Carla Bailey 573-7509, carlabhawaii@gmail.com.


Thursday: 5:30p-6:30pm, Wailuku Heights

Group for mothers of children who attend Calvary Chapel, Other Central Maui churches.

Kathleen Aquas, 268-5860


Wednesday, 11am-12pm, Kahului Union Church

Group for mothers of Home Schoolers

Carrie Nichols, 264-8324


New groups can be formed at anytime. You just need a desire to pray and an hour to do it! For more information on Moms In Prayer or any of the above groups, call Carrie Nichols at 264-8324 or email carrieonmaui@gmail.com.