Nancy surrendered her life to Christ and was baptized by Hope Chapel in 1993. After receiving training with Youth With a Mission she began a new life working for God’s Kingdom. Her heart is to see people reconciled with their Creator, and for all to take their place as Ambassadors for Christ by finding their unique style of glorifying God.  Christ died to reconcile all things to Himself, and Nancy is passionate to see people involved in the process of restoration of all relationships: people to God and to one another, and with all of creation.  One month she might be giving a workshop on safe water, hygiene & sanitation issues in a developing nation, and the next hiking with some environmentalists or on an extended bicycle journey to pray for healing of the land.  She also teaches inductive Bible study skills for both literate and oral learners, and loves facilitating participatory style workshops.

Nancy needs to protect her identity because of her missionary activities. Please feel free to contact her using the form below.