How Hope Chapel Started

Hope chapel was founded by a group of young people led by Craig and Kathy Englert, Jason and Toni Spence, and Craig and Chris Mauck.   Their story, told by Toni Spence, with additional editing by Craig Mauck, shows how God miraculously works through people to accomplish his purposes.

Craig Englert

1968-A young 19-year-old arrives at school early one morning. He sits on a wall and is approached by a young military officer who asks him a simple question: “Where do you plan to spend eternity when you die?” After 10 minutes, Del Rey leads that 19-year-old collegiate into a personal relationship with Christ. His name is Craig Englert.

Craig Englert, Spiritual Emphasis week at Hawaii Baptist Academy

Craig’s faith grew in leaps and bounds and his desire for ministry as well. In 1970 he was invited to teach at the spiritual emphasis week at Hawaii Baptist Academy on Oahu.

1970-Jason Spence

A senior at the school, Jason Spence, walks down the aisle to recommit his life to Christ.

Craig Englert & Jason Spence

That was the beginning of 30+ years of ministry together for the two of them

Campus Crusade for Christ, UH Monoa, 1968

At a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting on the University of Hawaii Manoa campus, Craig sets eyes on a young surfer looking chick. Her name was Kathy Anderson. He was smitten. For three years they dated off and on until June 5, 1971, when Pastor Gallagher married them.

Ralph Moore

That same year Ralph Moore leaves his position at Granada Hills Church as youth pastor to start a new church in Manhattan Beach, California. He names his church Hope Chapel.

Toni Corbett

At the first Sunday service there was a young girl who came. She had just graduated from high school. She makes a commitment to Christ that morning. Her name was Toni Corbett.

Craig Englert with Pastor Harold Gallagher in 1971.

It was the early 70’s and hundreds of youth were coming to Christ at the time. They were not your typical “church goers” but Craig, Jason and others found a conservative Pastor with a radical love for Jesus, named Harold Gallagher, who opened the doors of his fellowship, Kaimuki Christian Church, to them.

Jesus Christ Light & Power House

The three of them attended the Jesus Christ Light and Power House, a Bible school started by Hal Lindsey, Bill Counts and Linus Morris. Craig also taught evangelism at the school.

Hope Chapel Manhattan Beach, 1974.

During their time in California they attend Ralph’s church, Hope Chapel. I remember one of the first Sunday nights they attended Hope Chapel. As Ralph often does, without warning he just calls on someone by name, to testify about what God is doing in his or her life.

Kathy Englert

That night he called on Craig, and Craig then passed the microphone to Kathy who shared with such enthusiasm how all their Christian life they had been looking for a church with good teaching, worship, fellowship, and a place where the spirit of God was really moving and they had now found that in Hope Chapel Manhattan Beach. That was the start of what would become a very close relationship with Ralph. Craig and Kathy spent 6 long years in California. Some of their closest relationships were started there.

Couple's Bible Study

Craig started a Bible study for couples who attended The Light and Power House. This was a real pivotal point for Craig because it was during this time he realized the value of small group studies.

The Englerts, Pattersons & Johnsons

Among that group were John and Fenny Patterson and Joe and Karen Johnson.

Hawaii Summer Outreach, 1975

During the summer of 1975 Craig, Kathy and Jason went back to Hawaii to lead a three-month, Summer Outreach Project on Oahu.

Annie Noor & Toni Corbett, 1975

Toni was also a part of that summer outreach project. Her roommate was dating a questionable guy who didn’t know the Lord, and she kept telling her to drop him, break up with him.

Craig Mauck

As it turned out, they both agreed to end their dating relationship, but remained good friends. His name was Craig Mauck. God used her to share Christ’s love with him, and soon after, Craig asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.

Toni Corbett & Jason Spence

Back in California for his third year of Bible School, Jason not only fell in love with Hope Chapel, he also fell in love with Toni Corbett.

That is Craig Englert in the middle.

They got to know each other better that year when Toni was also a student at the Light and Power House and in 1977 Ralph married them and Craig was one of Jason’s groomsmen.

Craig Mauck in Hermosa Beach

In 1977 Toni and Jason left California to go back to Hawaii and Craig and Kathy stayed in California where Craig joined the staff of Hope Chapel, now located in Hermosa Beach. That’s when they met a new believer who worked and shared Christ as a manager of a liquor store in Manhattan Beach. His name was Craig Mauck. Craig became an elder at Hope Chape Hermosa Beach. Craig was on an outreach project modeled after the ones Craig Englert and Jason Spence started in Hawaii, and directed this project under Craig Englert’s supervision, the following year.

Craig, Kathy, John & Fenny

In 1979 Jason, who was again running a summer outreach project on Oahu, invited Craig back to Hawaii to teach a session. Craig’s good friends John and Fenny Patterson were living on Maui and invited Craig for the weekend. It was then they challenged Craig to come to Maui to start a church. Kihei was the perfect location they said – a new rapidly growing community badly in need of a vibrant church.

Craig, Kathy & Kristen

Craig went home convinced – now all he had to do was persuade Kathy! She was very comfortable in her three-bedroom house in South Bay and was happy with Craig’s assistant pastor title.

Kathy Englert

After a week’s fact-finding trip in Maui Kathy was also convinced. She was ready to sell all and move to Maui on the Lord’s leading. There was just this nagging question in the back of Kathy’s mind, “What if we start a church and nobody comes?”

Pat Hamman

In true Englert fashion they got on the telephone and started recruiting. He first called Jason but he declined because of his commitment to a church in Honolulu. But Pat and Vicky Hamman committed to come to Maui for one year. Pat was a skilled administrator and helped set up the non-profit status for Hope Chapel, introduced the rotating system of team ministry and the concept of a Bible School within the church.

Barbara & Dave Koukl

Barbara and Dave Koukl packed their household belongs on the Matson container with the Englerts and came.

Chris Varney, Craig Mauck, et al

Craig Mauck was asked by Kathy Englert if he would consider being a part of the church plant team.  He said yes.  His new girlfriend, Chris Varney, felt the Lord leading her to explore the possibility of joining the team for a period of time; unbeknowst to Craig.  So Craig, Chris, and a number of other singles joined the team.

Toni & Jason Spence

Jason and Toni Spence came from Oahu.

Chris and Craig Mauck

So three young couples (the Mauck’s, pictured above, the Spence’s and the Englert’s), with some Bible training, some ministry experience and a huge zeal and love for the Lord, along with a few others, headed for Maui.

Toni and Jason Spence

Toni and Jason Spence

Craig and Kathy Englert, with Mark and Kristen

Craig and Kathy Englert, with Mark and Kristen

Hope Chapel's First Service, September 1980

And in September 1980, in the living room of Dave and Barbara Koukl’s rented home, Hope Chapel Kihei was birthed.

How Hope Chapel Grew


Hope soon moved into the old Kihei Schoolhouse, where we met until 1994.


In 1994, we rented an old warehouse at the Kihei Commercial Center. Note the Overhead projector in the front row!


In 2006, Hope Chapel completed construction on it’s property on Welakahao Rd. and Piilani Hwy, through much prayer, faith, and sacrificial giving!


In August of 2015, we completed construction of Jake’s House, honoring Jason Spence, our first Intern Program Director.


Our first class of 12 interns who moved into Jake’s House, on Aug. 25, 2015. The intern program started in 2000 with 6 interns, and had quickly expanded to 8 until Jake’s House completion.