This video explains how to send an MP3 audio file of a sermon to our station on I-tunes.

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How to send a sermon audio to podcast

Open “Feed for all” click on “Feeds” choose hcmfri.xml

Click on Items, choose the most recent sermon, (at bottom of list), go to menu Item/clone item.


Using the website for your info, fill in the

Title, Speaker

Link (by copying the url of the actual sermon page)

And publish date (publish date=date of sermon)


Now click on Optional/Enclosure, and change the url to the new sermons mp-3 file url.  (This can be done using cyberduck, but is easier to get from the website, by being on the sermon page and right-clicking (or command+click on Mac, 2finger click on a pad) on the Audio MP-3 file (located just below the video window), and choosing “copy URL”.

Paste this into feed for all.)


Go to extensions, update the name of speaker and date in the subtitle, summary, and keywords areas.  Be sure to use the 2-2-2 format for the date, (MM-DD-YY).  Use a zero in front of 1digit numbers.


Click save to save all changes.

Go to File/publish feed, click the “upload image” and “upload enclosures” boxes, enter the password “18acres”, then click “publish”.


Now, to verify there were no errors, go to http://tools.forret.com/podcast/validator.php, and put this in as the URL: http://hopechapelmaui.com/cache/hcmfriday.xml


You should have 4 green OK’s.  If not, you updated something incorrectly in Feed for all.