I prayed for this

Prayed for 8 times.

Carol R. - Our Mom & Tutu

Aloha Hope ‘Ohana,

This is one of those prayers that are never easy to request, but we know the power that comes with it. And, we believe it will.

You may know our youngest on island family member, Matt. He’s the big guy, who without fail is at the Friday night and Sunday services. Hands up, in love with the lord and not afraid to show it. It’s his grandma, our mom, that we would welcome a healing prayer for.

Ms. Katee was at the house earlier today, and a new light has come over the room and all of us. No doubt her and God’s presence, and prayer energized mom, with a new sense of calm, hope and relief. Thank you again, Katee.

After many years, decades actually for some of us, we didn’t get to spend much time with her, living thousands of miles apart. Our dad passed seven years ago and we brought mom home to Maui a year later. It’s been a blessing having her here. She’s the kind of mom that you’ve always wanted but didn’t know it. We’ve had a chance to really get to know her once again, but with a new appreciation.

The Lord may want to bring her to her final home sooner than we thought.

Mom’s heart, big in love but working very hard in overtime is tired and ready to rest. Her mind is as sharp as it’s ever been, but unfortunately it comes with overthinking her final days.

We humbly ask for you to keep mom in your prayers, free of pain and suffering. One more surgery on Tuesday may determine which home she returns to.

Mahalo ‘Ohana. Deb, Ronn and Matt

Received: May 27, 2022

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