Instructor: Varies by section
Meets Thursdays (see classes for current schedule)

BibleDo you have a desire for a deeper understanding of the entire Bible, but can’t afford the time or money to go to a formal Bible institution? Hope Chapel School of the Bible offers a comprehensive seven section, 52 week lecture course designed to give you a biblical foundation for your faith.

Our heart is to offer a great Bible education in a format that doesn’t take away from your other priorities. It’s perfect for a new Christian who wants more Scripture knowledge, a potential Bible teacher, a small group leader or even an aspiring missionary or pastor. So join us!

School of the Bible begins again on  Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020, in the Tweens Room.  Join anytime during the year!

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The Seven Sections Cover:
  • Old Testament Overview 
  • Old Testament Survey, Part 1
  • Old Testament Survey, Part 2
  • New Testament Overview
  • Survey of New Testament Books
  • Bible Doctrine
  • Hermeneutics