What To Expect At “The Gathering” on Friday Night

What should I wear?

Some people will wear tank tops and shorts, while others will wear slacks with an aloha shirt or a nice dress. We have a very relaxed dress code.  You will probably not see any men wearing coats and ties or ladies wearing nylons.

How long will the service last?

Friday night service runs 90-105 minutes.


What will the service be like?

Worship is contemporary and will usually encompass the first 30 minutes of a typical service. Announcements and the message will normally follow for the remaining 60 minutes. Hope Chapel will sometimes have different elements in their worship service including gospel hula, dramas, videos, or special music. The messages are based strictly upon the Word of God. We have a special afterglow time after the service for prayer and additonal worship.





Will I need to say, sign or give anything?

No. You can be as invisible as you want to be. We are very low key.

What about my kids – do they come into the service with me or is there something going on for them?

Your children 6 months – 6th grade will enjoy “The C.O.A.S.T.” We have a terrific nursery and children’s ministry on Friday nights. Your children will probably want to be with other kids having fun and being well taken care of, although you can have them sit with you in the service if you chose.

Gathering speaking

Is this a Christian church or something else?

We are a Christ-centered, interdenominational Christian church, which means Hope Chapels membership is made up of many Christians from a broad spectrum of denominations.