A small group is a group of people who meet regularly and really get to know each other well. It can be a Bible study, a service group, a fun game group, or all of the above. It’s difficult to get to know people during a weekend service. Small groups make it happen. Small groups meet in houses, at public sites, or on our campus.

Hope chapel believes that small groups are the best way to live out your Christian life.  Did you know that being involved in a small group ministry is crucial to your spiritual health? Small group bibles studies and fellowship groups not only contribute to your spiritual growth, they contribute to church growth as well. Small groups help develop relationships that assist with your spiritual well-being while growing you toward maturity in Christ.



Please explore our selection of small groups, (which we call `ohana groups) below, and find one that’s right for you.

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(Seasonal classes include Financial Peace University, School of the Bible, School of Marriage)

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