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On Sunday, Sept 10, 2017, over 200 of us gathered as Team Hope for the first time in many years.  It’s time to pull together as the core of Hope Chapel, to use our gifts and skills to unite behind the vision of where Hope Chapel is headed as a church family.  Come be a part of the team!

OUR VISION – 1/10/100

1 Aligned Church Body
10 Global Mission Teams + 10 Local Missions
100 `Ohana Groups

What is Team Hope?

It’s you. It’s us, together, as the body of Christ.  We’re not meant to do life alone, we are Better Together,and we are gathering all of us who call Hope Chapel their home church to come around the vision of our next season of ministry together.
How did Team Hope start? Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, when the church met in a converted warehouse space on Ohukai Street, a few times each year we would gather the ‘core’ of Hope to share vision, hear testimonies, and worship together, so that we would all be united for what was ahead.  As we launch into this exciting next season of ministry here at Hope, the Elders and leadership felt it was time to gather the core together again!  We had our first Team Hope meeting on Sunday evening, Sept 10, 2017, and we will continue to have these meetings a few times each year.
What do I need to do to be a part of the team? Just be here, a committed member of Hope- but let us know you’d like to be a part of Team Hope here, so we can keep you in the loop as we keep in touch with the team.
Do we have formal membership at Hope? Not right now- your commitment to gathering with us on Fridays or Sundays, being in an ‘Ohana Group or supportive fellowship (like Alpha, Celebrate Recovery, Young at Heart, and others), and regular, sacrificial giving are the signs of anyone who’s a part of our church family.
What do I do next? First, make sure you raise your hand to join the team by signing up here.  Right now, our fall focus is to be Better Together- we are calling the entire church to be in an ‘Ohana Group or supportive fellowship, and be committed to our 5 purposes:

Stronger through WORSHIP

Stronger through WORSHIP

Warmer through FELLOWSHIP

Deeper through DISCIPLESHIP

Broader through MINISTRY

Larger through EVANGELISM

Larger through EVANGELISM

You’ll recall that in the past few years, we’ve come together in the fall of each year to do a big all-church study.  We’ve had amazing participation, with nearly 900 people in ‘Ohana Groups at this time last year!  Now, as we look to the future, we want to make ‘Ohana Groups a way of life for us, all year round- it’s how we continue to be the church, and not just go to church.
  • If you’re in a solid ‘Ohana Group: Great!  Keep meeting, encouraging, and living life together.  Do you have other leaders or hosts in your group that could plant a new one?
  • If you have space in your group for more:  Invite someone you meet this Friday or Sunday, or let Kyle know, so we can list you among the open groups
  • If you feel called to facilitate a group, or open your home to host: We’d love to talk to you, contact Kyle to let us know
  • If you’d like to join a group:  Send us a note, or visit the ‘Ohana Groups table on Friday or Sunday to see what’s open near you.  We have all kinds of groups, based on stage of life, geography / neighborhood, groups that meet around activities, and specific Bible studies or curriculums.  Or try this:  on Friday or Sunday, ask someone who sits near you about their ‘Ohana Group.  We’d love to help you find ‘ohana here!  (Also, you don’t need to commit to a group forever- just jump in and give it a few months to start)
Please pray: Pray for your leaders, for unity of the church, that we would all have one heart and one mind in Christ.  Pray for more leaders, hosts and facilitators of ‘Ohana Groups, so that we would grow deeper together in discipleship.  Pray for breakthroughs in our lives as we take this step to be open and live life in community, as the Father calls us to do.
Thank you for being a part of Team Hope!
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Handout for Team Hope Meeting, 9/10/17