“The Seven” All Church Series


Need hope for the future? Seven ancient letters contain actual words of Christ from 20 centuries ago. They’re in every Bible, tucked into the most obscure part of the mysterious Book of Revelation. But they’re often overlooked because their symbolic language, addressed to seven first-century churches, can be puzzling to modern readers. How can their meaning be unlocked?

In The Seven, René Schlaepfer journeys to the original sites of these seven churches. What he discovers through new archaeological finds and manuscript research helps decode these documents. And if you ever feel discouraged, exhausted, or in need of a personal word from God, these words of Christ can change the way you see your present… and your future.

The Seven is a seven-week journey of discovery, with 50 short daily chapters and weekly discussion guides for groups. Videos filmed on location at the ancient sites will enhance your journey and serve as discussion starters. The series launches on October 6th!

The Seven-Participant’s Guide                          The Seven-Leader’s Guide

Village of Hope Video



‘Ohana Group Video Week #1-Introduction



‘Ohana Group Week #2-Ephesus (Video 1)


‘Ohana Group Week #3-Smyrna Video 2)


‘Ohana Group Week #4-Pergamum (Video 3)


‘Ohana Group Week #5-Thyatira (Video 4)


‘Ohana Group Week #6-Sardis (Video 5)


‘Ohana Group Week #7-Philadelphia (Video 6)


‘Ohana Group Week #8-Laodicea (Video 7)