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We get it- by now, the kids have burned through all their favorite shows on Netflix, we're not sure when school will get started again... we're working from home or waiting for things to get back to normal, and you need some encouragement and something fresh for your walk with the Lord. We've got something for you- RightNowMedia has literally hundreds of curated Bible studies, engaging content for any stage of life, and their Kids section has programs that will bring life and joy to the hearts of your little ones. Better yet, it's free, we've purchased a license just for you, and you can get started right away!

Here's a quick signup form to our Hope Chapel account. Get some family devos going around the dinner table, start an in-depth study on your own, or invite some friends via Zoom for a virtual watch party by your favorite teacher and get deep with discussion afterwards. Not sure where to start? As soon as you log in, check out the hand-picked Libraries just under the welcome menu. Hope you enjoy!

-The Hope Chapel Staff Team

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