We’re coming to Maui to get married, or to renew our vows.  Can you help?

Unfortunately, our staff pastors are only able to marry couples from our church body.  We suggest you contact one of the many companies who cater to in-bound weddings.

If you are a Hope Chapel member, and wish to use a staff pastor for your wedding, please continue.



wedding partyWhat are the specific requirements to be married by a Hope Chapel pastor?

Hope Chapel will marry only people associated with our church body. They must be believers and be willing to go through our pre-marriage counseling program. Because we live in an area where numerous people come to get married, we have decided to limit our involvement to people connected with Hope Chapel. This preserves the biblical and sacred nature of the wedding ceremony.

What happens at premarital counseling?

The bride and groom will meet with a counselor to discuss wedding plans and the details of the questionnaires. An overview of the counseling program is discussed. Premarital couples also receive their program materials (workbooks, tapes, etc.) at the time of the premarital interview. Specific requirements to be married at Hope Chapel or by a Hope Chapel pastor are also discussed.

How long will the counseling take?

Our minimum requirement for premarital counseling is six (6) one hour sessions. You will also likely meet with the pastor who is performing your ceremony. All information is confidential between the couple, the counselor, and the pastor. During this time, we ask that you complete several information sheets, as well as two tests which are used in the counseling sessions. The first is the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis and the second is the Prepare Inventory. In addition, you will be studying out of one of the books, Before You Say I Do or Before You Remarry.

What is the cost of the Hope Chapel premarital counseling program?

The cost for the six sessions is $300 and $35 for the Prepare Test.

Wedding1What do we talk about at the counseling sessions?

You will discuss many subjects throughout your time together. These subjects include marital roles and responsibilities; skills for communicating and resolving conflicts; realistic management of finances; your sexual relationship; your family of origin; and much more! Your relationship strengths will be discussed as well as areas that need growth.

Although the program is designed to cover certain topics, your counselors will design your time together to fit your individual needs. Details of the six sessions are discussed during your premarital interview. Homework assignments are given to enhance your understanding (and promote discussion) of the material.

What are the goals of counseling?

A broad goal of premarital counseling is to help equip couples with information, insights and skills, which will enable them to grow in their relationship towards intimacy and maturity. It’s a time for the couple to make an assessment of their beliefs, values, behaviors and ways of relating to one another. We hope to find ways to help couples to better communicate with one another. We also desire to identify weaknesses and problem areas. We will plan for continued growth in the relationship by anticipating various stages of their marriage. Our final goal is to have each person evaluate his or her commitment to Jesus Christ individually and as a couple.

Who will perform the ceremony?

Craig Mauck, Associate Pastor

Craig Mauck, Associate Pastor

Ben Prangnell, Associate Pastor

Ben Prangnell, Associate Pastor

The following men are licensed and available to perform weddings at Hope Chapel:

Currently Ben Prangnell, Kyle Knight, and Craig Mauck are available.  Please call the church office to set an appointment.







We’re ready to sign up for pre-marital counseling.  What do we do next? 

If you are ready for pre-marital counseling,  please call the church office about setting up an appointment, or speak to one of our pastors.


If you are a member of Hope Chapel and would like to use Hope Chapel facilities for your wedding or reception, we ask that you fill out the facilities room request form below.  Requests are granted on a case-by-case basis.

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