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Hope Chapel is a member of the Willow Creek Association (WCA) and because of that all of our members may take advantage of their services. Willow Creek (WCA)  is a non-profit Christian organization founded in 1992. Willow Creek provides multiple resources, books, pamphlets, videos/DVDs, study guides  and even a 10% discount at the Apple Store on selected products. Willow Creek is also a place where you can gain inspiration, get connected, access helpful tools, watch training videos,  and find locations where they will be holding trainings to help make you a prepared church leader.

Apply & Get Involved:


How to get your Willow Creek Association Account:

Main Page:

  1. Click on the link http://willowcreek.com/index.asp.
  2. Go to upper center tab click on Login/New Profile.
  3. Click on Create Profile:
  • Fill out “Your Profile”
  • Click on ” Connect Profile”

* Your Profile will now pop up.

To Add Hope Chapel To Your Profile:

  1.  Click on Edit on the upper right corner on the ” Church Membership Box”
  2. Click on left hand side of screen “State Of Church/Organization” select “Kihei, Maui”
  3. Click on left hand side of screen “Name of Church/Organization” select ” Hope Chapel (WCA Member Church)
  4. Click on bottom right of screen ” Connect to this Church”
  • Profile will now pop up.

After all your information is entered you will see in the  “Church Membership Box” Hope Chapel Kihei information. The info you see is Hope Chapel’s WCA Identification Number, and an icon on the bottom right corner of the box is an  “iPhone App”. The iPhone App Code is: 13DAD. This allows you to gain access on iPhone & Apple products

 To Add Your Email Address:

  1. After filling out all your personal information for your profile, add your email address.

To Add Shipping,Physical, Billing Addresses:

  1. Click on the “Edit Link” and fill out your information.
  2. Your “Physical Address” will also be the same as  your “Billing address”.

(This is an example of what the Profile Page will look like)



My Profile


Church Membership


Hope Chapel
WCAID : 4344
Member Discount Applies


Email Address

your name@hopechapelmaui.com

Change Password

To change your email address
contact our Church Relations Center at (800) 570-9812 or email us.

Shipping Address


300 E. Welakahao Rd.

Kihei, HI 96753

Physical Address


300 E. Welakahao Rd.

Kihei, HI 96753

Billing Address


300 E. Welakahao Rd.

Kihei, HI 96753