Freedom from your hurts, hangups, and habits

You may think recovery is only for drug addicts and alcoholics, or people whose lives seem out of control. But that’s just not true. The Bible teaches that all of us have addictions in our lives. Sin addicting, and the Bible says, “all have sinned.” Not one of us is perfect. We’ve all blown it; we’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all hurt ourselves, we’ve all hurt others, and others have hurt us.

We all need recovery in order to live the way that God intended. The goal of Celebrate Recovery is not simply to recover from past hurts sins and hurts. The goal is to become Christlike in our character. Celebrate Recovery is a 12 -step Biblically balanced approach to repentance and recovery. We are a confidential and anonymous groups where you will be accepted and loved.

No matter what your situation you find yourself in, here’s the good news; regardless of whether your problem is emotional, financial, relational, spiritual, sexual, drugs, alcohol or whatever; regardless of what you need help with, God wants to help you.

We promise if you come and work the program that your life will change. You will experience true freedom! The reality is that we don’t get well on our own. We need each other, and we heal together as we are open and honest in community.

Come join us!

Celebrate Recovery: meets every Friday night at 6:30-8:30pm in the Auditorium.

5:30-6:10pm We meet for a $3 BBQ before the meeting

6:30-8:30 We meet in the Auditorium for worship, and then we break into small groups, men with men, women with women.

Celebration Station: Celebration Station is a children’s program for kids of all ages. We have a team of leaders that love children and will worship, teach, and play games with your kids while you are learning and growing in your own recovery. Your children will love it!

Contact Mike and Susan by any method below:

1. Send CR an email at cr@hopechapelmaui.com

2. Call CR at 808-866-0863.